JO MAPLE was born on the first day of Spring in 1780, his parents      Marguerite (Maggie) Dubois and Pierre de La Rivière,  nicknamed mahingan  the wolf in algonquin, were busy gathering maple sap to secure their annual stash of sucre du pays (maple sugar). The story says that his mother,who was very…very pregnant, felt that the time had come, so leaning against an old maple tree she gave birth to a big fat baby boy whom she washed with maple sap…wow what a welcome. His destiny was sealed and on top of that Maggie eventually weaned him on maple sap. Now you understand why Jo claims that maple sap is the secret of his joy and longevity.

Today Jo is well over 200 years old and he's ready to share the stories of his youth as a hunter-trapper following the traditions of his anishnabe ancesters. In his early 20's Jo met Jean-Baptiste Lagimodière and he became a voyageur, one of the pioneers that helped open the West and create this beautiful country of ours. His many adventures brought him in contact with Aboriginal peoples from all over this continent and even abroad…as far as Australia and Asia. He has witnessed more than two centuries of history and had the privilege to meet many great historical figures of these times of important changes on our planet.

In the last years, he has been sharing some of the stories he's accumulated in his travel diaries, tales of epic adventures, as well as magical moments of inspiring simplicity…sensuous stories to satisfy the epicureans and to stimulate others… Sometimes he takes us to the fascinating world of mindfulness where he introduces us to the spiritual universes of Inspiring Beings that have crossed his path.

Are you ready to travel and make wonderful discoveries?
Just bring your inner child and Jo Maple will guide you up the trail!

La première fois que j’ai écouté JO L’ÉRABLE, c’était au Musée des Civilisations de Gatineau. UN RÉGAL  !!!! Du plaisir partagé avec un public composé d’enfants et...
- Collège Stanislas
J’ai commencé à voir un coach de vie après des années de thérapie avec une psychologue. Un ami m’a introduit à ce concept après avoir entendu Monsieur Lavigne parler lors d’un petit dé...
- Marianne Rochon
Jo Maple is a powerful storyteller. Born on the first day of spring in the year 1780, he has witnessed more than two centuries of history to share with us today. Throughout his epic tales of adventure and wisdom, he effortlessly guides all who listen to hon...
- Suzanne Keeptwo
We have always been very impressed by his professionalism and capability to adapt to the various audiences; we will continue to work with him for many years....
- Francine Jobin
On Behalf of the staffs of the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School, I want to thank you for the delivery of this training by one of your instructors Mr.R.Lavigne. Both Sessions included in French and in English were very successful. ...
- R.W.Ermel
J’aimerais vous témoigner de notre très belle expérience auprès des services de l’entreprise Ananda Communications. Nous avons eu la visite du conteur Jo l’Érable dans nos huit garderies (2 à 4 ans) e...
- Julie Marchand
Monsieur Robert A. Lavigne a donné un atelier de formation sur la PNL à un groupe de gestionnaires intermédiaires, de responsables d’unités administratives et de superviseurs d’équipes d’employé(e)s d...
- Élise Larocque
La classe de 3e année et moi-même avons adoré votre visite vendredi dernier. Vraiment, vous êtes tout un conteur...farfelus et imagés, les mots que vous choisissez pour exprimer les diverses situations et évén...
- Sophia Masson
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